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There are over 3000 reasons a check engine light illuminates in your vehicle, and Revit Auto Mechanic's are equipped to handle your vehicles needs onsite. Whether that be at your home, office or a job-site our fleet of vehicles are specifically designed to finish the job. Call us today to schedule an appointment and get your vehicle running smoothly!





  • Hydraulic System Diagnosis and Repair
  • Drum Brake Diagnosis and Repair
  • Disc Brake Diagnosis and Repair
  • Power Assist Units Diagnosis and Repair
  • Miscellaneous (Wheel Bearing, Parking Brakes, Electrical, Etc.) 
  • Electronic Brake, Traction and Stability Control Systems Diagnosis and Repair


Oil Change & Car Care

  • Chassis Lube
  • Oil & Filter Change
  • Transmission and Filter Service
  • Drive Axle and Wheel Bearing Services
  • Differential Service
  • Power Steering Service
  • Brake Fluid Service
  • Replacing Wiper Blades
  • Fluid Top Offs
  • Battery and Charging Testing
  • Noises and leak detection
  • Cooling System Service


electrical repairs.jpg


electrical repairs

We are equipped to diagnose and repair electrical components. To get you back on the road quickly call and schedule an appointment today! The most common break downs that we see are due to;

  • Dead Battery
  • Alternator Charging Problems
  • Starter Motor Problems
  • Shorted Wires
  • Failed Modules


pre purchase inspection

Are you looking to purchase a vehicle but want to make sure you are making a quality purchase? We can help with that. A pre purchase inspection consists of a multitiude of steps that helps verify you are getting a quality vehicle. Have a Certified Revit Auto Mechanic inspect your vehicle before you buy!

Revit Auto has completed thousands of Pre Purchase and and has the experience to spot frame damage, unprofessional & professional repairs including mechanical, body, and flood damage.

Buy with Confidence

  • Pre Purchase Inspections Include the following:
  • A Vehicle History Report
  • Verify optional equipment and function
  • Confirm Vehicle Condition 
  • Physical Verification
  • Cosmetic Damage Inspection
  • Computer Module Functions & Status
  • Check for Check Engine Lights & other codes.
  • Safety Inspection
  • Image Package
  • Damage Photos
  • Bumper to Bumper Inspection Report

What makes Revit Auto Inspections different?

Revit Auto inspectors are certified technicians fully equipped with state of the art diagnostic tools, repair and estimating software and most importantly experienced, having completed thousands of quality inspections.

-Most of Revit Auto Technicians jobs are completing diagnostics and repairs on a variety of makes and models. This helps our inspectors identify more than just cosmetic issues. We know which makes and models have problems with specific components that could cause you an added expense to your already large purchase. Not only are we your eyes and ears, we are also a third party validation for your vehicle.