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2007-2010 Tundra Maintenance Light Reset (Oil Change Light, Maint Light)

This Video shows you how to reset the Maintenance Light on a 2010 Toyota Tundra. 


  • Two Free Hands
  • Car Keys


  1. Start by turning the key to the On position but do no start the car.
  2. Set the trip to Trip A
  3. Turn the key back off.
  4. While Holding the Trip Button turn the key to the on Position
  6. Wait for the dashes to zero out and the 000000 message to appear
  7. You can now start your vehicle check to see the light has been turned off
Toyota Tundra & Sequoia Strut Replacement 2000-2006

This video is a quick overview on how to replace a quick strut assembly on a 2000-2006 Toyota tundra and a like year Sequoia

Torque Specs:

  • Upper 3 Nuts 47 Ft. Lbs (On Strut)
  • Lower Bolt/Nut 100 Ft. Lbs (On Strut)
  • Wheel Lug Nuts 81 Ft.Lbs


  1. Raise and Support Vehicle
  2. Remove Wheel (Loosen lug nuts while on the ground)
  3. Remove Three upper nuts. DO NOT TOUCH CENTER NUT
  4. Remove Lower Bolt and Nut on Strut/Lower Control Arm
  5. Remove Strut Assembly
  6. Install New Strut Assembly.
  7. Reassemble in reverse order.

Help Note:

If you are having difficulty unbolting the sway bar end link will allow for more clearance on the lower bolt. IF you still need more remove the steering knuckle from the upper control arm. This will allow you to get the lower bolt lined up. Be sure to have a jack under the lower control arm to help support the assembly and raise the strut back into position to meet the top control arm.

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