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Lexus RX350 Loose Side View Mirror Fix (Rear Mirror)

2003-2007 Lexus RX350

Tools Needed

  • T-25 Torx 1/4 Ratchet or Screw Driver
  • Pocket Screw Driver
  • Blue Loctite
  • (Optional) 10/32 by 1/2 Round Headed Machine Screw. Ace Hardware part number 61442-B


  1. Remove the small screw cover on the lower portion of the side-rear view mirror assembly using your pocket screw driver. There is a small notch facing towards the rear of the car that you can pry it open from.
  2. Using your T-25 Torx remove the screws one at a time and apply blue loctite. Reinstall and tighten till mirror assembly is secure.
  3. Press in screw cover back into place.
  4. If you have lost the screws a replacement 10/32 by 1/2 Round Head Machine Screw will work.