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Volvo S80 Spark Coil and Spark Plug Change (T6 1998-2006)

This video covers how to change spark plugs and spark plug coils on a Volvo T-6 engine years 1998-2006

Torque Specs
Spark Plug Torque to 22 ft lbs.

Tools Needed

  • Torque Wrench
  • Ratchet
  • extension
  • ⅝ Spark Plug Socket 
  • T25 & T27 Bit
  • 7mm & 10mm socket


  1. Using the 7mm socket remove the 6 hose clamps holding the boost tube assembly in place.
  2. Remove the electrical connector and vacuum hose on the driver side
  3. Remove the vacuum hose at the front of the boost tube assembly.
  4. Remove the two hoses underneath the boost tube assembly near the air cleaner box
  5. Using your T-25 bit remove the two screws at the front of the Intake to the boost tube assembly
  6. Remove the Boost Tube Assembly
  7. Using your T-27 bit remove the Coil Pack cover and upper timing belt cover.
  8. Remove the 10mm bolts holding down the coils.
  9. Remove the coils harness
  10. Remove the coil.
  11. Remove the spark plug
  12. Install the new spark plug
  13. Repeat this 6 times.
  14. Re-install assemblies in reverse order.