2009-2015 Dodge Ram Headlight Bulb Change Head Light Removal

This video shows you how to change the headlight bulbs on your 2009-2015 Ram. 

Push white tab UP to release headlight, not down. 

Parts (non HID assembly):

  • H11 Low Beam Bulb
  • 9005 High Beam Bulb
  • 3157N Front turn signal bulb


  • Flat Head Screw Driver 
  • Two Long Ratchet Extensions
  • Ratchet
  • 10mm Socket
  • Electrical Tape
DodgeAdminRam, Headlight
2009-2015 Dodge Ram Fog Light

This video shows you how to replace a fog light bulb on dodge rams years 2009-2015.

The Truck in the video is a 2015 Ram Eco-Diesel

No tools are required, just your hands!

Uses H11 bulb

Turn the wheel to allow for a larger work area!

Decal & Vinyl Removal

This video takes place on one of our service trucks.


  1. Using everyday household tools you can remove decal and vinyl stickers from your vehicle.
  2. Start by warming the panel in a concentrated area where the decal is located, using your finger or a small plastic bondo spreader begin to peel away the decal.
  3. Once removed use an adhesive remover, and apply liberally. The stronger the adhesive remove the larger the chance is of damaging your paint. Wash off all adhesive remover and than wash the vehicle.
  4. Tips: If the glue is very difficult to remove, allow it to be in the elements for a couple of days. Spray it with water and adhesive remover to help soften the glues bond to the paint. BE CAREFUL WHEN WORKING AROUND PAINT.
2000-2007 Mercedes C-Class Brake Light Bulb

This video takes place on a 2004 C320 Mercedes (W203) the owner replaced the light bulb and the light still did not illuminate. This was caused by a build up of varnish.


  1. Open the truck compartment
  2. Remove  the rear tail light cover
  3. Turn the mounting tab on the light board.
  4. Remove the board and inspect.
  5. Proceed as necessary 

Tools Needed:

  • No tools needed
MercedesAdminC-Class, C320, W203
2009-2015 Dodge Ram Windshield Wiper Change

This video shows you how to change your windshield wipers on a 2015 Dodge Ram


  • Two Hands


  1. Raise the Wiper arm
  2. Press down the tab on the wiper blade
  3. Push the wiper away from the wiper arm
  4. Replace in reverse order
2006-14 Honda Ridgeline Oil Life Reset

This video is a quick overview of how to reset the maintenance light on a 2009 Honda Ridgeline.


  • Free Hand


  1. The two buttons you will use are the Trip Reset and Select Buttons.
  2. Start by pressing the select button until you see the oil life percentage.
  3. Once you  see the oil life percentage press and hold the Trip Reset light  for 10 seconds.
  4. If you press select and see the CANCEL message press the select button again until you see the Oil Percentage.
  5. Hold the Trip Reset button again and the oil life will be reset.
2007-2010 Tundra Maintenance Light Reset (Oil Change Light, Maint Light)

This Video shows you how to reset the Maintenance Light on a 2010 Toyota Tundra. 


  • Two Free Hands
  • Car Keys


  1. Start by turning the key to the On position but do no start the car.
  2. Set the trip to Trip A
  3. Turn the key back off.
  4. While Holding the Trip Button turn the key to the on Position
  6. Wait for the dashes to zero out and the 000000 message to appear
  7. You can now start your vehicle check to see the light has been turned off
2005-2009 Polaris Ranger CV Axle & Boot Replacement

This Video covers how to remove inspect and replace a C/V axle and Boot on a 2008 Polaris Ranger. The process is very similar for other like models.


  • 14 MM Socket
  • 1/2 and 3/8 Ratchet
  • Axle Nut Socket
  • Jack &Jack Stand
  • Wheel Block
  • Slide Hammer 
  • Vise Grip
  • C/V Axle Grease
  • Clamp Crimp Tool
  • Cutters/Snips
  • Screw Driver
  • Pliers, Needle Nose

Brief Overview

  1. Loosen Wheel Lug Nuts
  2. Remove Dust Cap
  3. Remove Castle Pin and Castle Nut
  4. Raise Vehicle Remove Wheel
  5. Remove Brake caliper and secure.
  6. Remove Lower Ball Joint 
  7. Remove Spindle 
  8. Remove Axle from strut/Knuckle
  9. Remove C/V boot clamp
  10. Using Slide hammer and castle nut remove C/V Boot
  11. Clean and inspect components reassemble in reverse order
2005-09 Polaris Ranger 700 XP Brake Pad Change

This video covers to replace the brake pads on a 2008 Polaris Ranger 700 XP. The process if very similar on other models but the pads are different sizes.


  • Jack & Jack Stand
  • Wheel Block
  • Breaker Bar or 1/2 Ratchet & 3/8 Ratchet
  • 14 MM Socket 1/2 & 3/8
  • Piston Caliper Press Tool or Larger Pliers
  • Caliper Slide Grease
  • Thread Locker 
  • Rags & Brake Parts Cleaner

Quick Overview

  1. Loosen the 4 14 mm wheel lug nuts
  2. Raise Vehicle
  3. Remove Lug nuts and wheels
  4. Remove 14 mm Bolts on rear of caliper mounting bracket
  5. Remove Slide Pin Insert
  6. Press and release calipers off of slide pin
  7. Install in reverse order.
Mazda 626 Axle Replacement

This video covers how to replace a Drive Axle on a 2002 Mazda 626.

Torque Specs

  • Axle Nut 174-235 Ft. Lbs.
  • Strut/Shock Bolt & Nut 55-61 Ft. Lbs.
  • Wheel 66-86 Ft. Lbs.

Tools Needed

  • Wheel Block
  • Jack 
  • Jack Stands
  • Hammer
  • 17MM Socket-Shock/Strut
  • 17mm Wrench
  • 32mm Socket- Axle Nut
  • Bungie Chord 
  • Pry Bar
Toyota Tundra & Sequoia Strut Replacement 2000-2006

This video is a quick overview on how to replace a quick strut assembly on a 2000-2006 Toyota tundra and a like year Sequoia

Torque Specs:

  • Upper 3 Nuts 47 Ft. Lbs (On Strut)
  • Lower Bolt/Nut 100 Ft. Lbs (On Strut)
  • Wheel Lug Nuts 81 Ft.Lbs


  1. Raise and Support Vehicle
  2. Remove Wheel (Loosen lug nuts while on the ground)
  3. Remove Three upper nuts. DO NOT TOUCH CENTER NUT
  4. Remove Lower Bolt and Nut on Strut/Lower Control Arm
  5. Remove Strut Assembly
  6. Install New Strut Assembly.
  7. Reassemble in reverse order.

Help Note:

If you are having difficulty unbolting the sway bar end link will allow for more clearance on the lower bolt. IF you still need more remove the steering knuckle from the upper control arm. This will allow you to get the lower bolt lined up. Be sure to have a jack under the lower control arm to help support the assembly and raise the strut back into position to meet the top control arm.

ToyotaAdminTundra, Sequoia
Volvo S80 Spark Coil and Spark Plug Change (T6 1998-2006)

This video covers how to change spark plugs and spark plug coils on a Volvo T-6 engine years 1998-2006

Torque Specs
Spark Plug Torque to 22 ft lbs.

Tools Needed

  • Torque Wrench
  • Ratchet
  • extension
  • ⅝ Spark Plug Socket 
  • T25 & T27 Bit
  • 7mm & 10mm socket


  1. Using the 7mm socket remove the 6 hose clamps holding the boost tube assembly in place.
  2. Remove the electrical connector and vacuum hose on the driver side
  3. Remove the vacuum hose at the front of the boost tube assembly.
  4. Remove the two hoses underneath the boost tube assembly near the air cleaner box
  5. Using your T-25 bit remove the two screws at the front of the Intake to the boost tube assembly
  6. Remove the Boost Tube Assembly
  7. Using your T-27 bit remove the Coil Pack cover and upper timing belt cover.
  8. Remove the 10mm bolts holding down the coils.
  9. Remove the coils harness
  10. Remove the coil.
  11. Remove the spark plug
  12. Install the new spark plug
  13. Repeat this 6 times.
  14. Re-install assemblies in reverse order.
Lexus RX350 Loose Side View Mirror Fix (Rear Mirror)

2003-2007 Lexus RX350

Tools Needed

  • T-25 Torx 1/4 Ratchet or Screw Driver
  • Pocket Screw Driver
  • Blue Loctite
  • (Optional) 10/32 by 1/2 Round Headed Machine Screw. Ace Hardware part number 61442-B


  1. Remove the small screw cover on the lower portion of the side-rear view mirror assembly using your pocket screw driver. There is a small notch facing towards the rear of the car that you can pry it open from.
  2. Using your T-25 Torx remove the screws one at a time and apply blue loctite. Reinstall and tighten till mirror assembly is secure.
  3. Press in screw cover back into place.
  4. If you have lost the screws a replacement 10/32 by 1/2 Round Head Machine Screw will work.
How to Change Brake Pads 2006-11 Chevrolet HHR & Chevy Cobalt Brake Pads and Brake Rotors

A complete video of how to replace brake pads and rotors. The vehicle shown is a 2009 Chevrolet HHR

Tools Needed

  • Jack
  • Jack Stands
  • Wheel Block
  • Breaker Bar
  • Torque Wrench
  • 19mm Socket (Wheel Lug Nuts)
  • 14mm+15mm Socket
  • 3/8 Ratchet


  1. Securely jack the vehicle and remove the wheel using the 19mm socket.
  2. Remove the two 14mm bolts holding the caliper on.
  3. Remove the two 15mm bolts holding the caliper mounting bracket.
  4. Remove the two Brake Pads.
  5. Install caliper mounting bracket(2 Bolts 15mm). Torque too 96 lbFt
  6. Install Brake Pads
  7. Install Brake Caliper (2 Bolts 14 MM). Torque too 28 lbFt
  8. Install Wheel torque too 100lbFt
1999-04 WJ Jeep Grand Cherokee Brake Light Bulb Fix

This is a Revit Auto Quick Fix for a 99-04 Jeep Grand Cherokee inoperable brake light. It applies to many other Mopar vehicles.

Parts Needed:

  • New brake light bulb-#3157

Tools Needed:

  • Flat Head Screwdriver
  • Phillips Head Screwdriver


Using your Phillips head screwdriver remove the two screws on the inside of the taillight assembly. Gently move the light assembly away from the vehicle and locate the brake light. It is the top light bulb. Twist the bulb housing and remove. With the bulb removed inspect the three contact locations on the bulb and the plastic piece that holds the bulb to the lamp assembly. Clean and lightly bend the tabs up to ensure that proper contact occurs. Once you have verified your brake light is functioning reverse the procedure.

Helpful tip:

Make sure the lamp assembly's 1/4 panel mount is in place before you install the two screws.

JeepAdminGrand Cherokee